Mindy Jones is a singer, songwriter, composer, & producer from los angeles, California.

 As the lead vocalist for MOBY, she has toured North America and appeared with him on late-night TV shows including Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Steven Colbert. Mindy has also collaborated with David Lynch and MOBY on the ever-haunting and ethereal track and coinciding music video, ‘The Big Dream’.  Over her expansive career, Mindy has performed alongside artists such as Sean Paul, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Duran Duran, The Flaming Lips, Jackson Browne, Jenny Lewis, Donovan, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Lykki Li and Sky Ferreira, to name a few.

 When Mindy is off the road, she’s writing and producing music for TV and Film, as well as singing for various commercial work. Her vocals and productions have been highlighted on numerous movie trailers, and shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Blindspot, Scream, Beauty and the Beast, as well as for major brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Honda, Heineken, Target, Samsung, Lexus and countless more.

 You can hear her latest projects ‘ADLT VDEO’ (with producer Luke Top  of Fool's Gold), and ‘Summer Gold’ on Spotify, and catch her performing next at the Walt Disney Concert Hall along with MOBY and the LA Philharmonic in the Fall.

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Recording / Writing Credits

Moby - "Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt" (co-writer of track 4 "The Waste Of Suns")

Moby - "These Systems Are Failing"                                                                          
SUMMER GOLD - 'Summer Gold' debut ep 2018
ADLT VDEO - EP feat: "Alive" & "Break" 2017

Mindy Jones - "We're Coming Up" - 50/50                                                
Mindy Jones - "Run Down to the River" - Company Town Documentary         
Mindy Jones - "Under The Covers"   feat: "Where Is My Mind"                                  
Moby feat: Mindy Jones - "The Big Dream" (David Lynch)
Moby feat: Mindy Jones - "Rio" (Duran Duran)- Amnesty International
Moby -  Innocents
Moby - Everyone is Gone
DA & The Jones  - Sirens
The Jones - Mercy  feat: "Mercy" produced by Moby
DA & The Jones - Electric Love feat: 'Break My Heart'
Daniel Ahearn & The Jones - It's Not You, It's Us
CMG  - Golden Ghosts
Daniel Ahearn – Long Way Home
Franz Wright -  Readings from Wheeling Motel
Oliver Future – Oliver Future
Noah and the Mega Fauna - Anthems for a Stateless Nation
Sarah Gayle Meech – Sarah Gayle Meech
Moon Upstairs – Guarding the Golden Apple
StoryTimeFunLand – Welcome 


Moby and the Los Angeles Philharmonic - Walt Disney Concert Hall 2018

Moby and the Northwest Ballet Orchestra - Seattle

Moby - Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt Tour (LA/NYC)

Moby - Bardot                        

Moby - Circle V - 'These Systems Are Failing' at The Fonda             2016 & 2017

Moby - The Humane Society - NYC 

Moby - Act On Climate Rally for Pope Francis - DC                             2015
Moby - Artists for Peace & Justice - TIFF                                             
Moby - David Lynch Foundation 10 Year Ann.                                      
Moby - I Am Angel (Will. I Am.) Foundation                                          
Moby - HEAVEN Gala / Art of Elysium                                                   
Moby - 'Ambient Live' - Hollywood Forever Cemetery                         2014
Moby - 'Ambient Live'   - The Integratron                                               
Moby - Global Green Charity Oscar Party                                             
Moby - Award Ceremony for Adam McCay [Brady's Org.]               
Moby - 'Innocents Tour' Fonda Theatre                                                 2013
Moby - KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic                                         
Moby - Wanderlust Festival - North America Tour                              
Moby - David Lynch Foundation                                                             
Moby - Eric Garcetti's Mayoral Inauguration                                        
Moby - LA Library Charity hosted by Busy Philipps                             
Kai Clark (Gene Clark/Love Tribute) w/ Love @ Roxy                          2012
Whispertown - Pacific Coast Tour                                                           2011


ADLT VDEO -  Girlfriends Guide to Divorce - 'BREAK' 2017

ADLT VDEO -  Timeless - 'Mad World'                                                     2016

ADLT VDEO - BEAUTY and the BEAST - 'Good Thing'                         

ADLT VDEO - Scream - 'Break'                                                                

Mindy Jones - Blindspot - 'Where is my Mind'                                       2015
ADLT VDEO - HEMLOCK GROVE - 'Alive'                                                
ADLT VDEO - FROM DUSK TILL DAWN - 'Alive'                                     
ADLT VDEO - EXANT - 'Alive'                                                                     
DA & The Jones - PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - 'Break My Heart'               2014
DA & The Jones - CHASING LIFE - 'Hurry Back'                                    
DA & The Jones - CHASING LIFE - 'Break My Heart'                            
Moby - The Tonight Show with JAY LENO -                                           2013
DA & The Jones - PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - 'Break My Heart'              
Moby - CONAN O'BRIEN  - 'The Perfect Life' -                                        
Moby - The Tonight Show with JAY LENO -                                           2012


'COMPANY TOWN'     dir: Natalie Masacco                                           2016
'HOT GIRLS WANTED'   prod: Rashida Jones                                       2015
'The Ever After' dir: Mark Webber starring Teresa Palmer                  
'Sirens'               dir:  Erik Anders Lang                                                     2014
'No Love Song' dir: Haroula Rose starring Rosanna Arquette             2013
'This Is 40'          dir:  Judd Apatow                                                           2012

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SQUEAK E CLEAN       Google, Coke, Honda, Heineken, Samsung, Lexus, Macy's, Adidas
WILD BRAIN                                                                      UMIGO feat. Bootsie Collins, Biz Markie
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