Upcoming Dates

SEPT 28 SAT Rock Out 5 @ The Ford Theater - Los Angeles, CA

AUG 11-17 Celebrity Cruise with Vacaya - Provincetown, Mass

JUNE 29 SUN ‘Top of the World’ @ Magic Hour for WORLD PRIDE - Los Angeles, CA

JUNE 14 FRI EURO PRIDE - Vienna, Austria

MAY 18   SAT       Mindy Jones LIVE at ‘L Beach’ Festival - Hamburg, Germany

MAY 11   SAT       Mindy Jones LIVE at ‘8 Below’ - Munich, Germany

DEC  31   MON     Mindy Jones LIVE on New Years Eve at The Ace - NYC

DEC  06   THU      Moby and the Northwestern Ballet Orchestra - Seattle, WA

OCT  12   FRI        Moby and the LA Philharmonic live at The Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles

SEPT 07  FRI        Mindy Jones LIVE at 'Body Language' at House Of Yes - Brooklyn

MAR 19   MON   The Late Show with Steven Colbert on NBC  - NYC